Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day Five Title Courtesy of @yellekau

The Character Of Australian Cities

Sydney, you glitzy dame, the sequins dripping from your millionaire's dress
Too expensive for the downtrodden likes of me
But perhaps, I can beg a minute of your time?
To pass a moment in the sheen of your glamour

Melbourne, you intense, dark-eyed beauty, hair over one eye
Arguing with me just for fun, defensive and haughty
Yet with a fire that I cannot turn away from
I need to drink one more coffee and play footsie with you under the table

Brisbane, you sunny fresh-faced nature-child, daisies in your hair
A waterfall in your voice, music in your head
I'll dance with you but never could I hope
To hold you to myself, especially with this humidity

Perth, you...nice...lady. On the west coast
You have iron ore mines or something maybe?
So I guess you're a bit like...a woman...who works in a mine
Oh and lives by the sea, so you know, salt and sand and things

Canberra, you government official
You drive round and round in circles
Cos that's what Canberra's like, am I right?
Maybe we could go to the War Memorial

Hobart, you Tasmanian city
You're in Tasmania, and I can't resist the charms
Of your Tasmanian-ness
You're so Tasmanian and you're in Tasmania

Darwin, you suntanned Amazon
You stand proud in a sweltering land
Strong and brave and self-sufficient and wearing a bikini probably
And with only one arm because a crocodile bit the other one off

Wagga Wagga
Huh, funny name
Yeah. You're out in the country

Also there's Adelaide

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arctura8 said...

So glad to see Adelaide buried beneath Wagga Wagga!
I have lived in this prison for 18 years and it really is a lot less interesting than one would think, also it loves itself to death!