Monday, September 12, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 12 Title Courtesy of @CeadaoinsChild (on her birthday)

Porn Goblins

While I slept and kept my dreaming
To the bliss-kissed realm of seeming
Toss'd and lost beneath the gleaming
Moon beyond the window's eye

Down night's chimney came a-creeping
Under doorways came a-seeping
To annoy my joyous sleeping
Porn Goblins from the sky!

"Wake up!" And shaking rudely
My tired shoulders they did crudely
Whoop and hoop and caper nudely
And bring me magazines

Aged and sticky pages fluttered
In the candlelight that guttered
And I read "Hot schoolgirls - buttered"
And beheld repellent scenes

I screamed and screamed at goblins thrusting
Pics of loose-juiced ladies lusting
My pants filling near to busting
And my virtue under threat

"Please no more!" I panted weakly
In a haze and gazing meekly
At the latest "Fringed Minge Weekly"
And "Aliens From Planet Wet"

The goblins grinned and cackled slyly
And with looks both mad and wily
Ignored my pleas as I begged shyly
And produced the DVDs

I knew their plan, began despairing
And by now almost past caring
I could do nothing but start staring
At girls wrestling in cheese

All night I sat, horror abounding
At the grunts and moans resounding
And the ceaseless sweaty pounding
Till the sun rose in the sky

And with dawn streaming in brightly
The goblins, their dark nightly
Business done, leapt quick and spritely
Window-wards with no goodbye

And I lay there, spent and weary
And looked around me at the dreary
Walls, with eyeballs sad and bleary
And wished I had never been born

For I realised, now I'd seen them
And so secret, wished I'd been them
On the screen, I'd not un-screen them
Up until my dying breath

The porn goblins had my soul now
Took my soul in every hole now
And it could only be my goal now
To molest myself to death


Kitty said...

*falls off chair laughing*

shellity said...

A-A-A-Bsolutely tops.

Ern Malleyscrub said...

These moments catch us,
these times of desire hold us,
we find ourselves
in lust our mind is captured
by span of time
designed by survival
locked into our breath
the power of rapture
that no parent or teacher told us
we lose ourselves
in some passion
in some hope
do we know our life?
Does the need for touch
ask so much?
Our true love is far away,
or here beside us,
and here inside us,
we love the truth of love,
and the lies of love,
and ask what all those moments mean,
we talk and sing and dance
and the power of love
can be wise or stupid
like a curious dream
we lose ourselves
in the power of romance.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!