Monday, September 5, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 6 Title Courtesy of @definatalie

My Dog

Sitting under the pillows
Keeping an eye out
The perplexity of the silent watcher
Wells in her eyes

There's nothing comprehensible
About the giants in her midst
Nothing can be deduced
From two-legged scurries

As the long legs stalk by
On their way to meaningless activity
Changing colours and shapes to greet each day
As faces stoop to stare at silent eyes

The blur of existence threatens to resolve
But falls again into chaos
And huddled beneath the pillows
She tries once more, and once more

But giants clatter and giants shout
And light and dark duel
With disregard for time
And soft hands and tight embraces rise and fall

And what she knows will stay locked
And what we know will flow as an un-catchable stream
And she sees us and we see her
And how we know each other

We will never tell

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