Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 7 Title Courtesy Of @mrgrumpystephen

Reverse Puberty

If I may propose
A fun new game
To pass the time a little
While you grow up
I will grow down
And meet you in the middle

As you assume
The trappings of
Mature and sober living
I shall debauch
And trust to your
Talent for forgiving

While I devolve
Into the boy
I Never got to be
The girl I knew
Will fade away
And not remember me

You'll learn to live
With all the pain
That comes with getting older
While I shrug off
The heavy cares
Now weighing on my shoulder

You'll grow and learn
Of life and love
And how to handle sorrow
And I will smile
As I forget
Those things I'd rather not know

We'll have some fun
For a brief time
The joy of intersections
Then happily
We'll say goodbye
And head in our own directions

For you can't keep
These childish ways
Your heart is made for flying
And I can't face
Another day
Drawing closer to dying

So let's diverge
On time's wide track
All we need is some persistence
You growing up
Me growing down
Unto sweet non-existence

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shellity said...

And on the seventh day, he triumphed.