Monday, September 19, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 19 Title Courtesy Of @rachmw

Unutterable Words

All these things
I can't say
What I was thinking when you
How I felt when you
What I wanted you to
But let's have another drink
I'll tell you about my job and you can look interested
And we'll be OK

All these things
You don't know
The times I almost called you
The words I almost wrote
The truths I almost told
So let's have another drink
And you can tell me about your mother and I'll smile
And we'll be OK

These things
That hover over our heads
The look that meant
The sigh that said
The touch that was...accidental
But let's have another drink
And we can talk about the weather and the paintings on the wall
And we'll be OK

We'll be OK
The things
That we can't say
Those things
That we can't hear
Will still be here
But right now I need another drink
Right now I just can't say
But we'll be OK

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