Friday, September 16, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 16 Title Courtesy Of @caddalina

The Insecurities Of Ben Never Choosing Your Topic For His Daily Poem

If by chance today
I should fail to choose you
To select the theme for my next poem

Don't despair
It doesn't mean you'll always be a failure
It just means you're a failure today

If you did your best
To think of a great topic
That would make for a poem of rare beauty and insight

Don't get upset
Just because I completely ignored you
I'm sure there's someone who'd like to pay attention to whatever you're talking about

If you've been trying
To catch my eye and win my approval
So that perhaps I will deign to speak to you, and who knows? One day maybe become your friend

I want you to promise me
You won't cry yourself to sleep at night
Because of the powerful signals I'm sending that I don't like you

Believe me
I don't mean anything by it
I'm not ignoring you because I hate you - there is no causal connection

If you're worrying
That I might find you uninteresting
And that you're a sad excuse for a human being

Don't worry
It's entirely within the realm of possibility
That I don't think that at all and there's some other reason

Just because I don't talk to you
Doesn't mean I think you're a moron
Or that I think you have a stupid voice, or you're ugly, or really really fat

I can't deny
All these things MIGHT be true
But don't leap to conclusions, that'd just PROVE you're stupid

I can't choose
Everyone's subjects to write a poem about
I can only choose one a day, and it's agonising

And if I choose
The smarter, prettier, more interesting people every day
Maybe that's just a coincidence, or maybe it's just my good taste

But don't let it get you down
There's always tomorrow, and you can try again
And maybe then all the good people will be used up and the only others trying will be even worse than you

So cheer up
I don't want you to feel insecure
About your complete and utter failure to cause me to take the slighest bit of interest in anything you have to say or do

If anything
You should be feeling insecure
About that butt-ugly shirt you're wearing

So chin up

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