Friday, September 16, 2011

Pobjie Poetry Month Day 17 Title Courtesy Of @goodalltwoshoes

(OR The Food That Fought Back)

Slice me up and sizzle me and serve me to your friends
I won't let you get me down
I won't let you break me down
Cos you can eat me
But you can't beat me
I'm the bacon that's takin' no shit from anyone

I can still remember sitting on that pig's back
Minding my own business
Tending to my own affairs
Till someone whacked me
Someone hacked me
I was hacked from the back I'd always called home

And that's the day I decided things had to change
No more Mr Nice Rasher
No more meek meat from me
No matter how you fry me
No matter how you try me
I'll stick it to the man and I'll stick to the pan and I'll show you what I've got

(guitar solo)

And you might say
Bacon why?
And all I say
Is hey
If you'd been through what I'd been through you wouldn't ask that question man I've seen things you can't even imagine I've been to hell and back and you think you can break my spirit just by wrapping me around a chicken breast and sticking a toothpick in me and then eating and digesting me?
And you might say
Never thought of it that way

So slice me up and sizzle me and stick me on your burger
I won't let you rule my life
I won't let you be the boss of me
No more time for talk
I'm no common loin of pork
I'm bacon, and I'm takin' the high road, and nobody'll stand in my way

(guitar solo fade-out)

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