Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How #PobjiePoetryMonth Works

How Pobjie Poetry Month Works

1. Every day in September I will put the call out to find a topic for that day's poem.

2. My loyal minions will respond, and the first response will be chosen as the topic.

3. I will write a poem inspired by that topic.

4. I will post that poem on this blog.

5. Readers will reel with wonder and delight.

6. Poetry will flow throughout the land.

7. Hooray!

That is how Pobjie Poetry Month will work. Here is a picture of Nien Nunb.

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squib said...

This doesn't seem very fair if you live in WA, Ben. This is just like that time WA Australian Idol contestants suffered a shortfall of votes due to the time difference and the fact that only nine people live here