Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You've Changed, Man


How could you?

I mean...being so nasty.

Being so mean.

I just...I just can't believe it. Mocking those poor people. Making FUN of them.

So cruel. So unfeeling.

When did this happen, Ricky? When did you become so acerbic? So snarky? When did you develop this unattractive habit of making jokes at others' expense?

What happened to the Ricky we once knew? The kind, gentle, whimsical Ricky who would make lovely, inoffensive jokes about mothers-in-law and happy woodland creatures? The Ricky who didn't see "comedy" as an excuse to take cheap shots? The Ricky who wanted to make us all feel GOOD about ourselves?

What happened to THIS Ricky? You'd hardly even know it was the same man!

Somewhere, that love of humanity was drowned, sacrificed to the altar of "edginess". And it's a damn shame.

What's more, it's sneaky. One thing is for SURE: When they booked Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes, they would have had NO IDEA that he would ever be impolite. That's not the Ricky they knew, or the Ricky we know.

Hang your head, Ricky, and think about where it all went wrong.


jude said...

Yes, shamefully unchristian. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so...UnAmerican...

Unknown said...

It's just a real shame that a bunch of absurdly rich and attractive people can't get together for a night of extravagant self-congratulations without someone poking fun at them. For the love of god, leave the poor dears alone Ricky!