Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From the Border Mail, 27/1/11

Have you been wondering why this country is in such trouble?

No need to wonder: Greg Wild is here to explain it to you!

Government is unconstitutional

IT is most important that Australians be brought up to date with the current status of the Australian Parliament and the republican movement.

The method of constitutional change being pursued at this time without the realisation of all Australians and without referendums is the alteration of the 1901 language of the constitution.

The land masses Victoria and NSW were changed in 1980 by an unlawful judgment of the High Court (Ward vs the Queen).

In this case those responsible for proper evidence left out the position of the original surveyed line and included a section 5 of an invalid part of an Act for Better Government 1855 which was not Crown approved and too late to effect the Separation Act of 1850.

The word "discrimination" is practised in Australia by the Australian government.

Indigenous people were Australian people or residents of a state in the constitution in 1901 and therefore equally treated.

The world "reasonable" appears in section 100 of the constitution but today applies to illegal agreements.

Today's prime minister isn't qualified to hold the office in the 1901 meaning because she refuses to take the proper oath inter alia.

She was sworn in by the solicitor general, not the governor general; did not win the last election and does not recognise the right of the people's parliament to defeat legislation.

There is no authority or responsibility to legislate something called climate change without a referendum to include it in the constitution.

Tony Abbott might have been prime minister but the majority of his party are republicans and therefore do not recognise referendums.

The Liberals are no longer a Westminster party.

GREG WILD, Corryong

So I'm glad we cleared that up.


Casey said...

wait.... what?

Anonymous said...

I'll have what he's having.

David Horton said...

I always thought "the position of the original surveyed line" had been LEFT OUT!!!! What was WRONG with those people? Now we will have to hold all the invalid elections since 1901 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!