Sunday, January 23, 2011

They Breed 'Em Tough At News Ltd

In today's Herald Sun, prominent columnist/ironman Alan Howe has pointed out how Anna Bligh, in her attempts to cheer up Queenslanders, has revealed the dark, rotten heart of her innate racism. Bligh stands exposed for what she is: racist against Victorians. And possibly Tasmanians and maybe West Australians. Not New South Welsh though, who are pussies.

But the machinations of vicious premiers who use tragedies as opportunities to promulgate their grubby vote-pulling bigotry aside, one part of Howe's think-piece struck me as particularly intriguing:

Not long ago a Queensland Liberal leader went by the name of Denver Beanland, such was the dearth of talent in conservative ranks.

The logic seems to go like this:

1. The Liberal Party had a leader called Denver Beanland.
2. People called Denver Beanland are innately untalented.
3. Therefore, the Liberal Party has no talent.

I'm just wondering what process Howe went through in developing this "funny name=incompetence" theory, and if he could share the workings of his mighty brain with his readers.

I mean, I can see the theory's explanatory power clearly enough: "Why are some politicians talented and some not? Because the untalented ones have names that Alan Howe thinks are odd". It all fits like the cogs of a beautiful watch. I just want to learn more about the process, so I can one day aspire to be an intellectual too, like Alan.


Preston Towers said...

I'm puzzled. Did Alan's piece actually say that Anna Blight would have welcomed the flood? Really? I thought the Hun couldn't hit more depths than having a Bolt / Devine double shot. I was wrong, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Bah - sour grapes from someone with as odd a name as yours!

With a name like Pobjie (pronounced, I assume, 'Pobjie') you'll never be Head Premier of Australia.

Love and biscuits,


Wiggins Humpy-humpy Moo said...

Well, I guess that means I'm out.