Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome back!

To same old place that you laughed about...

Did you have a good Christmas? A festive new year? Or was it a dark period in your life that you hope never to have to re-live?

Anyway, the new year is here, and full of exciting possibilities. Personally, I've been busy as hell, and in 2011 I've got lots of goodies to share.

Firstly, why not listen to the RETURN OF GATHER AROUND ME, Cam Smith and myself back to let you all know about the problems of teens who are also hospital administrators and/or staff. And some other things. Your ears will be amazed.

Also, look out for my upcoming contribution in the February issue of Kings Tribune magazine, my debut for this particular organ.

And of course, New Matilda is back next month to inform and delight you all! Make sure you check out the many fine writers contributing to debate there.

But besides these immediate concerns, let's look into the mists of the future. You may all commence slavering with anticipation, as March sees the publication of my first proper, real, honest-to-goodness papery BOOK!

Surveying the Wreckage, published by aduki Press.

Start ticking off the days now. I'm excited. Are you excited?

Welcome back, my friends, to the blog that never ends.


Unknown said...

Wholly carp someone let you publish a book??


Can't wait to add it to our collection! Hope the year is as eventful and rewarding as you hope it is. (Should be bloody wonderful for you seen-as-though you're married to a goddess!)

Anonymous said...

Late to the party c'z of the apocalypse in QLD but...I want that book!!!