Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living Your Faith

Catholic Bishop to schoolgirl rape victims: why so cranky?


Bishop Anthony Fisher, seen here whistling merrily to his woodland friends, cannot believe people are trying to ruin his super happy Catholic joyfest by harping on about petty inconsequentialities like child rape.

One of the victims, Emma Foster, has already done the decent thing by the church by committing suicide at the age of 26, while her sister Katherine "drank heavily before being left disabled when hit by a drunk driver in 1999". If only, Bishop Fisher laments, more people would be as resourceful as those two in finding their own solutions to their problems, rather than spoil everyone else's day by complaining about everything.

I hear you, Bish. What is up with people? Waa, waa, rape this, child abuse that. If we all stopped our mindless Catholic-bashing for just a second, perhaps we could focus on the REAL issues, such as the Pope's love of marsupials.

Eye on the ball, people.


Margaret said...

Great letter in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

If they're so keen to stop dwelling on old wounds, why do Catholic Church leaders still re-enact and carry on about the crucifixion?

Wendy Varney, Harbord

Ben Pobjie said...

They're never cranky about it though - Catholic leaders are always cheerful as can be when dealing with death and torture.

Margaret said...

And they even bring a corpse with them, just to prove it.