Sunday, July 27, 2008

Enlightenment in Speedos

Today's front page of the Herald Sun: Grant Hackett says some Olympic athletes will take drugs.

Coming soon: Grant Hackett says swimming can be "hard on the arms".

Grant Hackett says the Olympics "will be in China this year, but not next time".

Grant Hackett says horses "can run faster than men".

Grant Hackett says Ian Thorpe is a little effeminate.

What next, from Gorgeous Grant's Amazing Repository Of The Hog-Buggeringly Obvious?

Whatever it is, rest assured the Herald Sun will be right on the spot to make sure it is given prominence over and above anything else happening in the world that day.

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squib said...


Ben Pobjie said...

What's your point?

squib said...

nothing, please do carry on

Anonymous said...

I think we all should stop wasting newspaper space on Olympians' opinions, because really, who cares?
When do they have anything enlightening to say?

hank_says said...

Good old Feral Sun, they always know how to prioritise. I mean, of COURSE people want to hear the wisdom of people whose profession is moving quickly through water. Who else in this country has anything to offer public discourse - especially around winter every leap year?

I liked "hog-buggeringly". Reckon I might use that in future, with attribution & linkbacks of course.