Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trigger Warning: Lady Caves

This is the track listing of the upcoming album "Lady Caves" by my new band, Trigger Warning. To hear the tracks, go to

LADY CAVES, by Trigger Warning

1. Dam My Man-River
2. Happy Birthday, Celia Imrie
3. Your Love Is The Hangnail On The Finger Of My Heart
4. Look At My Pants Please
5. Breasts Etc
6. Ode To Allan
7. Ladies Don't Gotta Be All Up In My Grill Yo
8. Stand Up Slutty Soldiers
9. Kiss On The Bits
10. Gemma The Peek-A-Boo Queen
11. Hope You Get Eczema
12. Lady Caves

"I'm here to scare the bats
Out of your lady caves
But don't worry baby
I have a torch"

- Trigger Warning, 2012

1 comment:

BartyLobethal said...

I'm disappointed to see that you haven't recorded your seminal hit, "Tears Make the Best Lube"