Tuesday, April 3, 2012

School's In!

Why should you come see me play the principal in the Bedroom Philosopher's High School Assembly at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

For many reasons:

1. There will be MUSIC.

2. There will be DANCING.

3. I will TALK at some point.

4. You are allowed to THROW things at me.

5. It is in a nice THEATRE.

6. It has nice COSTUMES.

7. There are JOKES.

8. You can sit on a SEAT.

9. After the show you might get to have SEX with someone you MET at the nice THEATRE.

10. I will CRY if you DON'T.

So I'll see you there.


Mephitis said...

You will cry if I don't get to have sex with someone I meet at the theatre?

I think you may have a little too much invested in my sex-life here.

I might not be looking my best - what if I get a spot? What if the spark isn't quite there? What if I need more time to get to know them? It's a lot of pressure.

And a hell of a way to travel.

shellity said...

11. There are colourful SOCKS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben
Have you heard of the book, much less read, How to Win Friends and Influence People? Let's say, big FAIL.
Pity you can't put this link to Facebook, I give a big thumbs down, several.
Accolades? Fail.

Anonymous said...

Most inappropriate and insensitive piece of drivel I've read this week and this (sacred) holiday season.