Friday, April 13, 2012

Ode To Bob

O Bob where will we go from here without you there to soothe our worried minds and tell us everything will be all right?
Who will lead us from the darkness to the light?

O Bob how will we cope now that you can no longer show us the wondrousness of nature and help us understand the trees?

Who'll tell us about the birds and also the bees?

My eyes are blinded by darkness because the beacon of hope is gone

Gone from the Senate

Gone from my life

It is as if a candle burning in my bosom for so long

Has been snuffed out by a falling seagull

That is what it is like

O Bob

O Bob




Are you listening Bob?

Over here

Bob you taught us many things

How to save the earth

How to be a responsible citizen

How to tie knots and make simple yet nutritious meals on a budget

You taught me how to ride a bike and catch a fish

I'll always remember you for that Bob

For that, and for your amazing marksmanship

O Bob you killed sixteen Germans single-handed in a trench

How did you do that Bob?

And why?

How does grace and anger, poise and violence, peace and homicide


O Bob

You will be missed

I will miss your voice and your laugh

Your kind words and your gentle hand

Your billowing cape and your flaxen hair

O Bob I love you

We all love you

Please don't go

Stay here and together we will stockpile canned goods

Forever and ever

O Bob

(fade to incoherence)


Doug Quixote said...

Are you stark raving mad Pobjie?

What's all the nonsense about Germans in a trench?

BTW, your log in protocol is truly painful.

Ben Pobjie said...

Look Doug I am not going to play the rule-in rule-out game as regards my sanity.

Also, the log-in protocol is out of my hands, I regret to say. It's Google's doing.