Friday, October 29, 2010

Bye Bye Sort Of

A somewhat sad blog post today, just a kind of public service announcement.

I urge you to go and read my latest weekly wrap for ABC's The Drum. Of course, I always like you to read my pieces, but this one is particularly special because it's my last weekly wrap; the Drum and I are parting ways.

No, this is not of my choosing. I loved writing for The Drum, and I will be forever grateful to my editor Jonathan Green for letting me ramble on the site, and likewise grateful to everyone who read my little jokings. I've enjoyed doing it for the past almost-a-year.

Sadly, though, the realities of tight budgets, tough decisions and the glorious uncertainty of being a freelance writer means I've been let go. That's life.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll still frequent The Drum, as it's a high-class site that deserves your eyeballs.

Of course I am not disappearing by any means. I'm still in the Age's A2 section writing about TV every Saturday, and of course the return of has seen me stomp that old ground again. Check out my first for the new newmatilda.

And if you want to see newmatilda survive past the end of 2010, do throw some money their way - you'll be rewarded by continuing fine articles, including mine! Go here to find out how.

And I'm sure I'll be popping up elsewhere too - it's in my nature!

The weekly wrap's gone, but the caravan moves on.


Anonymous said...

I don't have your way with words Ben, but I do want to say that you've been a welcome distraction to often colourless weeks, like a clever busker on a windy walk through an abandoned city, you appear on my feeds like a movement out of the corner of my eye, then occupy 20 minutes with laugh out loud takes on the weeks happenings.

Thanks a lot. You'll be missed - though I'll definitely be turning to NewMatilda - the ABC's loss is their gain.

Best wishes.

David Horton said...

Sad news (#shouldIfeelnervous) Ben, but a cracker of a curtain call "he was afraid it might tire him out for his meeting with David Cameron" alone was worth the price of admission.

Could have done without the Mirabella image (for some reason vampires come to mind inexplicably) lodging in my head though, first Janette, now this.

But will miss your round ups. Obviously I should start buying the AGE.

Casey said...

Does this include your TV spots?
I'd like to see more of them, even if the writing has gone away.

Judy (bookshelfofoz) said...

Darnit Ben! I just discovered your brilliant writing yesterday and you're leaving The Drum already? I'll be sure to watch out for you on NewMatilda, your blog and Twitter. Best wishes, hope a new regular gig comes your way soon ... and thanks for getting us all thinking about Plover songs - brilliant stuff.

Lee Taylor said...
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Lee Taylor said...

Bordering on heartbreaking and unjust, perhaps we can get a petition going?

Ben Pobjie said...

Casey, future TV spots are a mystery.

leioss said...

Well, I still haven't forgiven you for your 'Lazarus Rising' post (and didn't that just put a whole new spin on the book title - thanks so much.) Those horrific images will be with me for a long time. But you didn't deserve this.

Anonymous said...

I thought people were joking about you leaving the ABC website so came here to check.

On weekends I would have a laugh with you at the political going's on.
Serious though some of it was, you were able to see the humour and thus a different perspective was presented and your work left your readers with a feeling that no matter how bad things were 'this too will pass'.

Ben - I don't want this to sound like a death notice but you will be greatly missed - not only by Labor supporters but by the majority of political junkies.

Hard to believe the ABC could do this to one of their best!

Anonymous said...

October Horriblilis!
Friends died, split up, got arrested, sick and left.
The Bill ended.
The Weekly Wrap ended.
I hate October.
But I LOVED the weekly wrap!
TGIF has lost its TG.
I am woe.

Ben Pobjie said...

Thanks for all your thoughts. It is a shame, but life does go on, and rest assured that if you're in the habit of reading things I wrote, you'll still have plenty of opportunities.

Cassandra said...

Oh no! I love Fridays because of your irrelevant, random and hilarious wrap-ups. You have an eye for the ridiculous...that I don't have...and that I .