Sunday, May 9, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Miranda Devine:
In a chaotic world of aggregators, of Google and Twitter and specialist web feeds, a newspaper is a "credible one-stop shop" of local news where all the hard choices have been made for the reader. Which is why not trashing the brand is more important than ever. Sorry, Catherine.

Miranda Devine:

(for the more complete story, check out Pure Poison)

Wow...that brand is looking ever so good.

Miranda then deleted her comment about how gay men have sex with animals. I don't know why; it's almost like she thought some people might have considered it inappropriate.

Anyway, good to know Fairfax has standards.


berenichi said...

Ahhh Miranda... Morons in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Or roger gerbils.

Andy said...

Anyone offended by this comic hyperbole deserves to have the face of Miranda Devine tattooed over their own.