Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming Soon!

I bet you're thinking to yourself, "Sure, Ben's a prolific and incredbly talented and unconventionally handsome writer, but why can't I get along to a high-class venue and, from a comfortable seat, watch him IN THE FLESH saying funny and insightful things?"

Your day of gazing winsomely at the moon are over, my best beloveds. Check out two upcoming appearances I'll be making at the Emerging Writers' Festival:

In The Pub: Freelance Writing: Joanne Brookfield will host a panel wherein myself and fellow pens-for-hire Chris Flynn and Claire Halliday discuss the ins and outs of a freelancing life. We'll be reading our first paid piece as well. Come along, hear whatever we have to say, and have a drink with me. It's at The Workers Club, 51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, from 7.30pm on Wednesday, May 26. Tickets $20 and $10 concession. Head here for details and tickets.

Wordstock: AC/DC. Last year Wordstock was on the subject of Nick Cave; this year I and a group of other sweet-smelling performers will be devising our own interpretations of the songs of AC/DC. Last year's was fantastic, and sold out. So do hurry up to get a spot at this year's which will no doubt be even better. It's hosted, incidentally, by the luminous Clem Bastow, and takes place on Thursday, May 27 at BMW Edge at Federation Square. Tickets $20 and $10 concession. Hit 'em up here for details and tickets.

And of course check out the entire EWF for lots of writerly spectacle and marvels. It's an excellent event that grows ever bigger and more special each year. Do pop along to something and get literary.

I'll see you there, sweets.


TimT said...

And feel free to drop off Pobjie related CD-and-book merchandise to be sold at my table at the zine fair (or indeed leave it in the transcribers area on the Friday and I'll pick it up, or whatever)!

lilgirlblue said...

Y'know, I actually WAS thinking a slightly less specific and well-worded version of your opening sentence when I googled up this blog entry. Perfect timing. Whoo! Catch you there.

Unknown said...

Hey Ben, your feed isn't working, and you haven't updated your link to my feed.

Oh and good to see you out and about instead of stuck in the house.

Ben Pobjie said...

Link's updated now David - why my feed's not working I have no idea, I'm afraid.

Unknown said...

Your feed still not working for me, have you had any other feedback (Ha) from other customers having trouble?

Oh and your link to my feed somehow seems to combine the feed name (The Watermelon Blog) with the name of a post - don't know if this is a glitch at your end or mine. It is very stressful setting up a new blog! Congratulations on this weeks ABC and NM posts by the way, great work.