Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catching Up

I was asked by someone if there was an archive where might be stored all my articles. Well, all my articles at New Matilda of course can be accessed here, and the ABC Unleashed is where you'll find my weekly wraps - though I don't know how long those stay in the system, but I thought I'd round up what I could of stuff published in other places, and link to it, for anyone who might have come in late and want to browse some of the more exotic corners of Pobjieville:

My work from Crikey, in no particular order:

On Kyle and Jackie O

On my bid to become the right-wing Philip Adams

On Kelli Underwood's AFL commentary

On Hey Hey It's Saturday

On Michael Jackson

On Tiger Woods

On Australia Day patriots

Then there was this, from The Punch:

On Twitter

This, from Christmas 2008, in The Age:

And of course, on Twins, from

Also, a couple pieces from the Australian Rationalist Society's Journal - latest one here about refugees and such. And my first here, about becoming an atheist.

Hope you enjoy reading those.

Apart from online, if you were in the mood to buy real paper books you could find my ramblings in the EWF Reader, on the subject of comedy writing. Or the Death Mook, with my short story, "The Black Angel's Love Song".

Or of course, go to for my own collections, or email to buy them direct.

Of course, if you REALLY want a handy, nationally distributed collection of my pieces, start lobbying your local publishing house to contact me IMMEDIATELY.

But until then, thanks for reading!


Ashlee said...

Will there be a 'best of' book one day? Or better still, a best of album where your articles are remixed to sick beats from reknowned artists such as Nikki Webster and Crazy Frog? If so, please inform of release date.

Ben Pobjie said...

Let's hope so, Ashlee.