Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christopher Monckton is a funny man, with a brain that works, but not in the way it's supposed to.

Here is what I have written about him.

The article also features Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, and ice cream.

Also, go to Gather Around Me to get the latest podcast from me and Cam Smith, in which war veterans and Indian thieves are discussed in a mature and responsible way.


Paolo Scimone said...

The Salt Shakers seem to love him but then they also think Andrew Bolt intelligent as well.

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

I'm not a fan of our home-grown satire, generally but that was a damn fine piece.

I'm with you, I'm getting really annoyed hearing "magic pudding" and "great big tax" said so many times.

Methinks Labor is marginally better off because the first can be easily dropped, being playful Australiana but the latter can't because the election will, in the end, be fought on economic policy.

As a result, I believe that Labor will win, simply because Australia didn't technically go into recession during the GFC. There's big points to be won in a global comparison(with clever advertising) for that.

Further, with Wayne Swan & Joe Hockey blanding each other out, the real battle for economic credibility will be decided by the horribly unfair mismatch of urbane Lindsay Tanner versus the bumbling everyman Barnaby Joyce.

Round 1 has already gone to Tanner with yesterday's:

"the best line of the [parliamentary] day. Lindsay Tanner was the author and Barnaby Joyce the subject:

"This isn't a shadow finance minister, it's a freak show. It's the bearded lady of Australian politics."

I can't see Barnaby keeping his cool under that kind of continual attack and I think that he will self-destruct by the Autumn.

Then, if Barnaby gets skewered sideways, the problems with the Nats going solo will certainly arise again and the coalition will, once more, be in self-destruct mode.