Monday, February 15, 2010

Out Now!

I bet you often say to yourself, "It's great reading the work of Ben Pobjie on my electrical computer, but I wish there were some way that I could hear his rich, mellifluous voice speaking as if only to me, while I relax in the bath or drift gently off to sleep. Why is there no way for me to hear him yell and scream in the privacy of my own home?"

Brace yourself for some startling news...


HYPNOPROPHET - TALES OF TRUTH AND EXPLOSIONS is an exclusive LIVE recording of all those well-loved spoken-word hits that you have never heard in your life. So it's not only classic, it is surprising.

It is $15 from all good record stores. Unfortunately, no record stores are good, so you can't get it from them. But you CAN get it from me, either by emailing, or stopping me in the street and flattering and/or kissing me until I agree to sell you one.

Don't wait! Rush to buy!


squib said...

I see your graphic design skills are... the same

I'll have one

Ben Pobjie said...

Sorry, people who insult me don't get one.

squib said...

I said "the same" and we all know that means "amazing"

When people speak of amazing book cover designs "Handy Latin Phrases' is always right up there. There aren't many people who can draw such a realistic undercover poet using only an Etch A Sketch

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