Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yo Pro-Lifers! Suck It!

Oh, look! An article by Joel Hodge of the Australian Catholic University that is all about defending people's right to assembly and is not at all about defending people's right to harass other people on their way to undergo legal medical procedures and demonising the pro-choice movement. It's all about justice and freedom and stuff.

Because after all, all these people are trying to do is prevent the murder of babies, right? I mean, not literally, but in their own heads, because they're insane. That's all they THINK they're trying to do, right? And if you knew there was a an establishment near you where babies were being taken to be slaughtered, wouldn't YOU picket and harass and wave signs and throw pamphlets at people?

Wouldn't you?

I mean, of course, you'd do more. You'd actually break down the doors and rush in and take those baby-murdering bastards OUT, in a heroic, John McClane-esque manner, because hey, they're KILLING KIDS.

But if you were a real wuss, you'd stand outside picketing and stuff. If you were opposed to baby-murder, but lacked any sort of intestinal fortitude or moral fibre, you'd totally protest outside the clinic where the babies were being murder. If you had guts, you'd take some effective action, but if you were a total coward you'd definitely stick to maximising psychological trauma for young women.

Coincidentally, that's also what you'd do if you actually DIDN'T think abortionists were murdering babies, but were just a self-righteous uptight prig who wants women to be punished for having sex and is enraged by the thought that there might be women who have sex without having to have babies, because you believe women having sex for purposes other than procreation is slutty and disgusting.

As I say that's just a coincidence, because that is not what THESE protesters are doing. These protesters are not hypocritical, judgmental, sexually repressed arseholes. They're just religious maniacs who are also really, really gutless. So let's cut them some slack.

I mean, don't listen to them, or pay attention to them, or alter your behaviour in any way because of them. You can't do that. Ignore them - they're insane. But have a bit of sympathy at least, huh?


Oxspit said...

While personally I do believe that women who have sex for any reason other than recreation are slutty and disgusting, I suspect that the word you were looking for was "procreation".

And frankly I think that's quite filthy.

clawsout said...

I'm all for making fun of the religious zealots who picket abortion clinics (and the academically backward who attempt to construct fuzzy-logic analogies in order to justify immoral actions in the name of Sweet Baby Jeebus), just as I'm all for making fun of the 'rapeally challenged' sportsmen.

But the difference is that religious zealots don't have a sense of humor. And they're batshit crazy. Meaning they may well take your words to heart and start (or rather, carry on) busting into the clinics armed-to-the-teeth determined to murder people to stop them "murdering" "people".

Whereas everyone knows that footballers of any code, can't read. So, satirical blog-posts will never be misconstrued.

Anonymous said...

What clawsout said plus the observation, from working in an electorate office, that rabid anti-abortionists who harass clinics and offices of MPs (and often celebrate their position by displaying and posting pictures of dismembered babies by any means possible) are overwhelmingly in the "unlikely to ever fall pregnant" category. That is they are either:
a) Male
b) Female and travelling the distant backblocks of menopause
and should therefore STFU and leave people to make rather difficult decisions without their irrelevent moralising intrusion.

Thanks Ben, I needed that.

Lee Bemrose said...

You say slutty and disgusting like it's a bad thing.