Sunday, February 20, 2011

You might want to write this down

In case you were wondering, here are some things that are true:

There is no illegal immigrant crisis.

Fluoride is not a government plot to poison you.

Vaccinating children saves lives.

Not vaccinating children kills people.

Man did land on the moon.

Crazy terrorists did fly planes into the World Trade Center.

"They're", "their" and "there" are not interchangeable.

You do not know more about science than scientists.

People you don't know being unable to speak the same language as you does not hurt you in any way whatsoever.

Shakespeare wrote the plays of Shakespeare.

On average, you're probably not as smart as you think you are.

Just, you know, so we're clear.


groverjones said...

In fact (which, by the way, is two words, not one) this list could be printed and securely stored underneath your tinfoil hat for easy reference.

Ben Pobjie said...

Good suggestion, Grover! Everyone take a note of it.

@Drivelry said...

So many possibilities, so little time:

- Global warming is happening? Oh I know it's contentious... but c'mon.

- underarm deoderant does not give you breast cancer (this is especially important to set the record straight on in hot weather)

squib said...

There is no God

Wet hair does not give you a cold

Richard Dawkins is hawt

Margaret said...

"A lot" are two words.

TimT said...

I once had a conversation with Barry Williams, previous editor of the Australian Skeptics magazine, and a very funny fellow, who said to me on the subject of anti-Shakespeare conspiracies, "I always argue that 'someone else wrote William Shakespeare's plays, and his name was William Shakespeare'".

Yes, well, perhaps you had to be there.

Hosted BES said...

I liked that!