Saturday, April 10, 2010

From the Herald Sun 11/4/10

Exciting news about Aussies abroad:

AUSSIE top model Nicole Trunfio (below) has auditioned for a movie that is set to star Hugh Jackman.

New York-based Trunfio, 24, has been taking acting lessons for three years with plans to hit the audition stage more than the catwalk.

Great news for Nicole! And certainly very plausible, right? Let's read on...

"(The film) is based in the future. It ’s a movie about boxing robots and my character is Russian," she said.

I can't help imagining an abandoned warehouse, with a handwritten sign reading "AUDITIONS FOR GENUINE HUGH JACKMAN MOVIE HERE - TOP MODELS WELCOME".

And inside, three chubby men with a camcorder and a used mattress.

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