Monday, December 7, 2009

A Quick Quiz

My latest newmatilda article...and comments.

Now, having read said article and said comments, a quick quiz for readers to take, to win big!

1. In what sense can "motherlode" (however you spell it) be construed as a religious reference?

2. What is the average IQ required to grasp the difference between ridiculing someone who IS a Catholic, and ridiculing someone for BEING Catholic, with no other reason?

3. Is there any particular reason anyone's religion should be immune from ridicule?

Highest scores win a specially autographed essay on the links between anonymous abusive internet warriors and virulent anti-Semitism.


Unknown said...

Heheh, that Labna gave you some decent ammunition.

Unknown said...

1. Well, religions love their money even more than their salvation so there we go.

2. About $8.50

3. "You goina hell!!!"
Or we could go with the standard "Do what my holy text tells you or I hit you with it!!!"

Paolo Scimone said...

First of all let me say I rarely win prizes. I won once on the chocolate wheel at school on the number 13. It's been my lucky number ever since... one for the "esoteric" superstitious.

1. According to Funk and Wagnalls, mother lode (two words) originally refers to a Californian gold vein stretching from Mariposa to Amador.

My interpretation is Italian based, not Spanish, but it often amounts to the same thing.

Mari is an obvious reference to Maria, in my opinion, and posa means to "pose" or "rest". If one can get offended at a posing or resting Mother of God, then by all means it could be construed as religious reference.

Amador is the "love of gold". So from a sexy Maria pose to a Midas complex, one could easily see this as the ultimate, indecent, religious peversion.

2. Dough!! 42?? That was the answer last time. Question two appears to preclude question three, so I'll head straight there.

3. Wait, I've got a message coming through. "Heed well these words, my son, lest thee be scorched by mine wrath and be obliterated into many, minuscule, insignificant, itsy-bitsy pieces. Many are the tribulations mine 'true' followers must endure from the numerous false prophets who walk mine cursed Earth. Know that thou hath foundest favour in mine eyes and thou shall continue to performest thy wondroust works under mine guidance, authority and profoundest blessing. Live long and prosper."

Takes it out of you that does, puff puff puff.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

groverdflorian sums it all up for me - something of a motherlode of deep thoughts. I think I am right in thinking sex is somehow involved. As indeed it always is.