Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books - a Spotter's Guide

How to recognise a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book:

Here is one:

And here's another:

This is another one:

This one too:

And goodness gracious me, even this one:

But here is what a Hitchhiker' Guide to the Galaxy book does NOT look like:

So fuck YOU, Eoin Colfer, you smug Irish bastard.


Unknown said...

Nothing is sacred I tell you, nothing, nothing, nothing .....

alliewonder said...

So does he have permission to do this from Adams' estate or something?

Kinda like when you think there's a new Robert Ludlum book and it's just some other dude writing his series.

Ben Pobjie said...

I assume he does. So fuck the Adams estate as well.

sflyons said...

Plagiarism, debasement, yeah yeah, blah blah blah: is it any bloody good?

Ben Pobjie said...

That's not the point!!!!!

Paolo Scimone said...

You obviously really like this series huh? Everyone else seemed to think the latest film version was a real flop, but I loved it. Monty's days are obviously long gone... in mind and song.

Nobody knows so nobody cares Ben, (not enough anyway).

Ben Pobjie said...

I actually did think the movie version was quite good - apart from the awkward tacked-on romantic element.

The book series, very precious to me.