Friday, June 12, 2009

The world needs to shut its stupid face

Quit calls on Australians to change the name of a smoko to "quito".

Five points for Quit executive director Fiona Sharkie to mull over while she's putting her feet up in Quit's impenetrable Fortress of Wank, getting a well-deserved rest after a hard day's burbling:

1. You are an idiot.

2. To make a public call for the entire population to change a colloquial term shows a misunderstanding of the word "colloquial".

3. Using the word "quito" is as likely to encourage people to quit smoking as telling teenagers smoking isn't cool.

4. "Quito" is a moronic word that doesn't even make sense. It's called a smoko because people tend to smoke on the break. What does "quito" mean? People will duck outside to spend five minutes quitting things?

5. You are an idiot.

Seriously, Fiona Sharkie. I am going to take up smoking for the first time just to spite you because of this.


Kitty said...

Ah, Ben, you bring the LOLs.

squib said...

I still use the terms 'ladies lounge' and 'costermonger' and 'spittoon'. I'm a bit offended by all this

Maxine said...

Hehe. Ditto. Nice work.

David Prater said...

She wants smokers to 'do a Quito' and move to Ecuador, I think. Worked for me.