Friday, June 5, 2009

Misogyny like Mother used to make

Lincoln Lewis's mother speaks out about her darling boy's charming behaviour.

"I don't want that as a daughter-in -law," she said.

And who would want "that" in their family?

It's good to see that even in these days of extreme feminism and fuzzy-headed political correctness, there are still some mothers willing to parent the old-fashioned way - by excusing their children's actions and teaching them women are things.

Bravo, Mrs Lewis. We could all learn a lot


Unknown said...

"Lincoln Lewis last night admitted to filming a sex tape with a teenage TV starlet and showing the footage to shocked cast mates."

That chick is a whore and completely in the wrong!

Ben Pobjie said...

The best bit is where his mother told him it was a bad idea to do this because "females keep things. Look at that Monica Lewinsky".

HE shows the video to all his friends, and it's the FEMALE who can't be trusted because she'll "keep things".

alliewonder said...

The woman is ALWAYS in the wrong. Coz we're not supposed to be sexual. It's naughty. Men are just messing around, doing what their testosterone-filled bodies are telling them to; boys being boys.

I CANNOT believe what a complete arse that mother is. She talks about females like she's not one.