Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Sunday Tasmanian

Jack Sonnemann of Tunbridge writes:

"Rhode Island is the only state in the US to decriminalise prostitution (in Nevada it ’s only legal in a few counties).

Their legislature, like Tasmania ’s, is currently debating the prostitution issue but with the intent to abolish it, not legitimise it.

State Representative Joanne Giannini says, "If we really care about the women who are the victims of prostitution and human trafficking, we need to shut down the industry." Turning their women into whores seems to be a bad idea in Rhode Island. Is it a good idea for Tasmanian women?"

Well, is it?

Ben Pobjie's Wonderful World of Objects says YES!


Kitty said...

A War on Prostitution? What an awesome idea! That's gonna ROCK! Just like the War on Terrorism or the War on Drugs!

Tim said...

Although the merits of legalising/criminalising prostitution are debateable, surely we can all agree that it's not a 'good idea'? And that it is, in fact, kinda horrible?

Ben Pobjie said...

Not really, Tim. I think legalising it is a very good idea.

I also think that "legalising prostitution" is in no way equivalent to "turning our women into whores". For one thing, I support legalising it but oppose making it compulsory.

Jack Sonnemann said...

Ben I am sure that you would not mind your daughter, wife, mother (perhaps she was), sister etc working as a prostitute because if you object to your family members/loved ones becoming whores your yet say it is OK for everyone else's wifes etc then you are a self confessed hypocrite! Even you can probably see that.

Ben Pobjie said...

"I am sure"

This is where you made your mistake, Jack.

Jack Sonnemann said...

Ben - I made no mistake.

Ben Pobjie said...

Of course you didn't. Your post contained no glaring logical flaws and was in no way a laughably inept attempt at rational argument that a four-year-old could see through.

Sorry if that impression came across.

However, just in case you're interested in sharpening up your already-impressive powers of reason, ruminate for a few seconds on the fact that the issue is the rights and wrongs of legalising prostitution, not whether anyone might think it's actually a good profession for someone to enter.

You might also ruminate on the fact that even were I to think prostitution is an OK profession in general, I don't necessarily see it as a great idea for people's "wifes" (sic) to go into the field, given that no matter how inherently positive sex work may or may not be, it would be a source of tension in most marriages.

Perhaps I could try an analogy: I don't want my wife, sister or mother working as a late-night public toilet cleaner, yet remarkably, I don't think that late-night toilet cleaning should be a criminal offence.

However, unless I have sadly overestimated your moral fibre, you won't be returning to my wildly immoral and hypocritical blog, so you won't read this. What an indictment on your own hypocrisy it would be if I get a reply to this comment.

Tim said...

Sorry. My badly-worded comment was intended to convey that legalising prostitution may be a good idea, but the fact that prostitution exists at all is not a good thing.

"I support legalising it but oppose making it compulsory."?

Weak! Why not go the whole hog? In fact, ideally we should mandate regular intercourse a la Brave New World.