Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are You Looking For A Way To Look Less Slovenly?

Look no more! For here to save you from your own cripplingly ugly appearance is newmatilda's Brand-New Range Of T-shirts And Assorted Other Things!

Click on that link to enter the world of current affairs-analysis-themed merchandise.

In particular, check out the range of t-shirts, many of which feature hilarious and nether-moistening quotes by the man whose blog you are even now unable to tear your eyes away from.

...which is me. You can actually wear quotes by ME, on a T-SHIRT. This is AWESOME. Now you won't even have to talk to people to let them know how much you love me. That's got to save all sorts of time in your day-to-day routine. Go order some now!

Isn't that SEXY????


Sarah said...

I'm not sure that your writing generally has a 'nether-moistening' effect on people, but I'm sure having your name spashed across the boobs of women will have some kind of effect on you!

Ben Pobjie said...

Well now, no need to crush my frail ego so viciously.

Ben Pobjie said...

Also, bear in mind the boob-splashing will only occur if people buy the shirts. Get out there, girls!

squib said...

Oh I like the God one

lizaloof said...

ben. you now have a tshirt range. you are good. better than me.
your babies look nice too.
liz x

Ben Pobjie said...

I'll never be better than you, Liz. But I'm always trying.