Sunday, April 5, 2009

And while we're on the subject...

OK, so Kevin Rudd is on a flight. He asks for a meal. They tell him he can't have it. He gets annoyed. And then the flight attendant breaks down in tears.

Sorry? This is a member of the RAAF! A member of our armed forces CRYING because someone was mean to her!

What the hell kind of hiring practices does the air force have?

Is this the kind of defence we're putting up against our enemies? In the event of an invasion, our men and women in uniform will put their shoulders to the wheel and strain every sinew in the defence of our way of life...unless the invaders get a little snappy, in which case our men and women in uniform will run to the toilet and have a bit of a cry.

Hey, unnamed RAAF attendant...HARDEN THE FUCK UP!

Sally Morrell of the Herald Sun, of course, provides an alternative view, but given this is a woman who willingly engages in sexual intercourse with Andrew Bolt, I think we can disregard her judgment in any matter. I think her opinion is borne mostly of the fact that whenever SHE says "Don't you know who I am?" she just gets furrowed brows and an uncertain, "Kathy Bates?"

Great point, Sally - Rudd probably wouldn't tell the Queen off if he got the wrong meal at Buckingham Palace - and if you're not willing to hurl obscenities at the Queen, what right has anyone to get pissed off at anyone ever for any reason?

Laurie Oakes's article here actually reveals that RAAF personnel have enormous difficulty doing the job they're paid to do - in fact, flying on an air force plane is apparently akin to a sort of crash diet.

Not that we can blame the defence force for letting catering slip its mind - its preoccupied with weightier matters, like spying on the Defence Minister and fighting for the right to employ butlers.


Kitty said...


Casey said...

Can't we just axe the Airforce entirely, and train Sulphur Crested Cockatoos to keep the yellow peril from our shores?

I've seen them regularly practicing their Blitzkrieg tactics at the local freeway overpasses on unsuspecting traffic.

Casey said...

Plus, if KRudd gets peckish on the next paid holiday to London, he can always grab one for a snack. I hear they are full of nutrients.

alliewonder said...

Maybe it was more the pain of disappointing Kevin? I know I would cry if I thought I had somehow let him down.