Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From the Northwest Express

Local Lascelles farmer Ross Schack is organising a group of interested people to scale the summit of Mt Kosciusko, the highest mountain in Australia in February 2009.

Ross said he was inspired to reach the summit of Mt Koscziuszko after reading his distant cousin Sir Edmund Hillary ’s book about his challenges in conquering Mt Everest.

One imagines his thought process upon reading the book ran something like, "Wow...I wish I could do something much less impressive than that."

And by golly, he WILL!


squib said...

Every time I turn the telly on these days, it seems there's some show about people climbing mountains and people dying while climbing mountains. I'm sick of seeing these idiots and their mountains

Ben Pobjie said...

I would like more mountains in my life. My life is flat.

Anonymous said...

It's strange, the human urge to climb things. Like people see the Opera House - 'I need to climb that' - Uluru 'Let's climb it!'. Weird.