Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Backstage at the gig last night:

American Burlesque Artist Wearing Basically Stockings and Tassels: I know we just met, and you're a poet, and you're having twins and everything, but can I ask you a favour?

Me, Attempting To Look At Everything Else In The Room: ....uh, yeah.

ABA: Can you look...I got this big pimple on my ass, can you see it?

Me: Um...I think so...

ABA: Well, you think so, or you see it?

Me: Um, I see it...I think...right there?

ABA: Is it really bad, or could it be covered with makeup?

Me: ...it's...not...that bad?

ABA: Great, thanks.

Later on she talked about amputees.

I am in showbusiness.

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