Friday, January 23, 2009

From the Sunday Tasmanian

"A BURNIE teenager has convinced one of Tasmania ’s major milk producers to help Australians learn their national anthem.

For the past year 17-year-old student Jacqui Fishwick has been campaigning to have the lyrics of Advance Australia Fair printed on the side of milk cartons.

Her work has paid off with Betta Milk agreeing to use special cartons featuring the first verse of the anthem during January in preparation for Australia Day."

Next time someone says young people aren't contributing to society, you can shove THIS in their face!

Jacqui Fishwick! Standing up for all that is good and noble! Thanks to her, people everywhere (in Tasmania) can sing the correct lyrics to the national anthem while pouring their milk.

Finally, en end to the unedifying trend of Tasmanians standing by their cornflakes, stumbling haphazardly over the words to the song.

"Australians always use your voice, for we live in a tree...with da da da and um dum dum, our home is pert and free". No more of that nonsense. NOW, when Tasmanians want a breakfast singalong with a patriotic flavour, they can have it, and have it CORRECTLY.

"Ms Fishwick said she had been concerned for years about the problem."

Well done, Jacqui, I can hardly think of a better way to while away your teenage years. What a wild ride it's been for you!

But let's leave that all aside for a minute, and examine the caption that accompanies the photo to this story. It goes thusly:

"IN TUNE: Special Cream Unit ’s Frank and Nikki lend their support."

That's right, readers: There is a SPECIAL CREAM UNIT.

I want you to take a while to digest the impossibly wonderful implications of this...

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