Saturday, January 17, 2009

Melbourne film industry booming!

From The Sunday Age:

"The cast and crew on Morell Bridge are filming Centre Place, a $1.5 million locally financed romantic comedy taking its name from Melbourne ’s busy arcade.

Pre-production has also started on a gangster flick, Animal Kingdom, starring Guy Pearce, while Pete Helliar ’s rom-com, I Love You Too starts shooting soon, as does Suite for Fleur, another rom-com, starring Angry Anderson, Tottie Goldsmith and Cameron Daddo."

Let me repeat that: starring Angry Anderson, Tottie Goldsmith and Cameron Daddo.

NEVER let anyone ever say again that there is no surefire formula for success in movies!


Margaret said...

Hey Ben! I've tagged you in a game of blog-tag. See:

Hope you'll play. It's quite fun.


Terry Wright said...

Angry Anderson?!?! Wasn't he a killer hobbit in LOTRs?

I see any film with Guy Pearce in it. I just saw First Snow and it was typical of a Guy Pearce film ... brilliant.

Ben Pobjie said...

You'll be seeing Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler then Terry...