Friday, September 19, 2008

Stay up to date with BPWWOO

Well, first of all, you can see how I sneer at those who have achieved success through hard work and ability here.

Secondly, if you go here, register with newmatilda and vote for your favourite cartoon in the New Matilda cartooning competition, you could win a FREE copy of my book, Handy Latin Phrases.

Thirdly, I've begun a weekly radio spot on Sydney community radio station 2SER. Every Wednesday I buzz in around 4:45 to chat with Ellice Mol. The callsign is 107.3 FM for Sydneyite, for everyone else you can listen to the station's live stream through the website.

And fourthly, Eoin Colfer is going to write a sixth instalment of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As someone for whom HHGTTG is a major milestone in my life and development as a human being, and remains my favourite book/s, I am interested in your feedback.

In 50 words or less, tell me why YOU think Eoin Colfer should go burn his stupid face off with acid.


Anonymous said...

What makes him think he has the right?
And if I'm awake, I'll be sure to listen in to you :)

Mad Cat Lady said...

WHAT!! BLOODY HELL!!!! someone strangle the man with a towel. That is just so wrong.

squib said...

Do we win something? Cos usually if you have to write 50 words or less on something you get to win a trip to Disney World

Congrats BTW on the radio spot

Ben Pobjie said...

You win something, but it's a secret.