Thursday, September 11, 2008

Aren't you ashamed to be reading this crap?

Bob Durnan writes:

'If Ben Pobjie is a "satirist", then the noble art of satire has reached its nadir.

More likely that Ben is a wannabe satirist, with a tendency to indulge in extravagant sarcasm marked by the sterility of its wit, & NM either can’t tell the difference or can’t find anybody else to perk up its bulletins, so it ignores Ben’s serious lack of satirical talent and just prints his pieces for the sake of providing these tediously hamfisted attempts at humour.

That satirical subject matter as potentially rich as the behaviour of the NSW ALP can give rise to such predictable and unfunny lampoonery proves my point.

For more evidence of his perpetual inanity, just have a look at Ben’s blog.'

Hey, Bob Durnan, good for you. You've finally said what we're all thinking.

Bob Durnan, you're the REAL star!


Anonymous said...

This may be the same Bob Durnan, a community development worker living in a remote Aboriginal community west of Alice Springs. Clearly he knows funny. Oh also, there is a Bob Durnan on Facebook.... but he has no friends:
He really should stop telling his former friends they aren't funny.

squib said...

On the bright side, the more enemies you have, the more successful this means you are. So embrace the Bob Durnans of this world