Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dark Signs

Seen on a sign at San Churro Chocolateria:

"Hey, Dads love chocolate. Why not pick him up something special from San Churro? And while you're here, get a treat for yourself (he'll never know)."

Now, let's leave aside for a moment the implication that the ability to produce viable sperm is inextricably linked to a hunger for the derivations of the cacao bean ("My genes are transmitted. Now for a Mars Bar").

What I am interested in here is the suggestion that, if you are to go to San Churro to get a Father's Day confection for your dear old dad, and if while there you choose to indulge in a bit of the sweet stuff yourself, you are best advised to keep it to yourself.

What exactly are the consequences of your father finding out that you got something for yourself? Is San Churro saying that while Dad will be delighted to get chocolate as a gift, if he discovers that you had some chocolate of your own, there'll be hell to pay? Will Dad get violent? Will the situation be something like this:

Upon receiving chocolate:


Upon finding out that his child has also had chocolate:


I'm just really worried about all these unstable fathers going around ready to snap at the slightest suggestion their children have been eating chocolate.


squib said...

MrSQuib got a MASSIVE Toblerone with 'THE BEST DAD' on it and yesterday he was giving us all the Spanish inquisition about why there were only two pieces left

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves Chocolate, sperm-filled or otherwise!
(That kinda sounds like the chocolate is filled with sperm....)