Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Measure of a Man

Here's a question: What do Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Ernest Hemingway and Sarah Bernhard have in common?

Answer: they all have their own Wikipedia page.

Another answer: they are all more famous than me.

These things, I can't help thinking, are connected.

Of course, I can't make my own Wikipedia page for two reasons:

1) it would make me look slightly more desperate than this blog post does, and

2) I don't really know much about myself.

With any luck somebody will write my Wikipedia page soon, including the unsubstantiated rumour about my sordid rendezvous with Holly Robinson. Who, incidentally, has her own Wikipedia page. Feel free to edit it to mention my sordid rendezvous with her.

With any luck, once this little matter is sorted out, I will quickly become as famous as Hitler, or at least as famous as this guy. My activities are not as dramatic as his, but they do often seem to have just as little justification.

Incidentally, those of a Melbourne persuasion might want to come to the Bat Slam at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street Fitzroy this Wednesday night. A poetry slam with a Batman theme, I shall be there getting a shamelessly low score from ignorant judges, and the marvellous Geoff Lemon will be the feature performer. Fun times.


squib said...

Have you considered doing what Jeronimus Cornelisz did? He got marooned on some islands and then killed everyone and he's got his own wikipedia page. And that was in 1629 so like how did he even know about wikipedia back then? Spooky!

Ben Pobjie said...

Not only that, they wrote an opera about him!

squib said...

Really? Obviously mass murder pays, eh

I just finished reading a book about the whole unhappy saga. That's why your book was such a nice intermission. It was like a Monty Python sketch in the middle of Silence of the Lambs

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just learned something...but not about Ben!

Um. Sorry.