Friday, August 22, 2008

Ah, student rebellion, you've come so far.

Remember when uni students were always getting crazy and standing up to the man and mocking the institutions of our society?

Macquarie University's student services organisation, U@MQ, has driven the editors of the uni's student newspaper to resignation by interfering with editorial decisions, sanitising stories and objecting to satire.

Hey, U@MQ, why you gotta be such dicks?

"Deirdre Anderson, the chief executive of U@MQ, said students were never forbidden to publish anything, but they were asked on several occasions to reconsider articles that some students might not appreciate."

Oh dear yes, Deirdre. Please continue on your ceaseless quest to prevent anyone not appreciating things.

I shall be starting a new charity, Humour Guides For Humanity.

HGFH's quest will be to provide all humourless folk across the land with their own Humour Guide, who will accompany them in public and point out to them when humour is being deployed, so that they do not suffer the embarrassment of looking like a complete Deirdre when they fail to recognise that something is a joke or satire. The Guides will also run group classes, where the afflicted can learn about humour and why it is a good thing to try to "get".

Give generously. It's not too late to save Macquarie Uni.


Anonymous said...

I think we should all adopt the phrase to mock someone, 'you are a total Deidre!'

Ben Pobjie said...

"What a fucking Deirdre you're being, to be sure."