Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Am Quite Proud

To have won a little prize: to wit, the Sydney Writers' Centre award for Funniest Post in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition.

The award was won for this post on the blog you are even now reading.

Congratulations to the other winners, especially Best Blog winner Eden Riley, and my pal Anna Spargo-Ryan, who won Best New Blog.

All the winners are detailed here.


Anonymous said...

That was mildly amusing, at best. I would hate to see the competition.

I heard a very believable story that Rudd was born female and has scars on his chest to prove it. That's funny. If anyone can find a photo with Rudd with his top off I will be happy to eat my boots.

Harley said...


Anonymous said...


Doug Quixote said...

I suppose humour is a matter of taste; it is easier to be amused when sitting in a theatre with hundreds of others : each person there came to be amused, and obviously most of them would be familiar with the likely subject matter. Someone attending at a Barry Humphries or Billy Connally show will have certain expectations.

It is different if presented with a written piece by someone most readers don't know from Adam.

To have it acclaimed is certainly a mark of excellence, so I do not agree with Anonymous' post above.

Not Pobjie's best piece, IMHO, but good.

Anna Spargo-Ryan said...

Well, I am proud of all of youse. Especially me! And you.