Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Catch Up

My first EVER show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Ben Pobjie's Funeral, has now been running for two nights, and it has been, as they say, a blast. A good time has, hopefully, been had by all, and I hope I will continue to see many of you there at Blue Velvet. It will be lovely. There are eight more nights to go, so that's...I mean you've got quite a few opportunities really. I mean, do you have any excuse? I think not!

If you come to the show you will learn about life, death, cyclists etc. It's the show no parent should miss and also other people.

In other delightful comedy news, I want to direct you to the latest edition of the Gather Around Me. In this episode, Cam and I were granted an audience with the great, the wonderful, the hilarious Paul F. Tompkins, currently out here from the US for the aforementioned festival. Being able to podcast with PFT was probably the highlight of my comedic life so far. He is a lovely man and it is an awesome podcast and you should listen to it NOW. It will whet your appetite for my show which you're about to go to or something.

To whet your appetite for the podcast which will whet your appetite for the show, try this.

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David Horton said...

Glad it's going well Ben. Would love to come, especially to learn about the cyclists, but I await the airline ticket in the mail, sadly delayed.

No, well done though - on your way now, and Q&A can't be far away. Or a guest spot on Adam Hills?