Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Power!

In the latest development in my efforts to a) take over the world, and b) make sarcastic comments about Rebecca Gibney, I am pleased to inform you I have taken on a new job. As of this Saturday, 18th September, I am the new television writer for the A2 section of Melbourne's Age.

This means that every Saturday from now on I will be writing poignant and heartwarming treatises on issues of import to lovers of the medium, and probably some stuff about Kim Kardashian too. I do hope you will grace my column with your eyeballs. I'll do my best to make it worth your while.

It is a shame though, that just as I receive such wonderful TV-related news, I also hear some equally distressing news in the same area. A moment's silence please, for beloved Golden Girls boyfriend and Mel Brooks villain Harold Gould, and for beloved bumbling Gestapo henchman and occasional Ripping Yarns South American John Louis Mansi. Goodbye Miles, von Smallhausen; well done, good and faithful servants.


Unknown said...

Seems I'm going to have to take my lazy arse to the newsagents on the weekend and buy the paper.


Geoff said...

Fantastic news, Mr Pobjie. There will now actually be a reason to seek out newspapers again. Does this make you the new C-Dev? Can you be out-rah-jus just like she was? I hope your innate talent for making idiots take satire seriously can win out in this new format.