Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NEW FEATURE: Ben's Dream Diary, Chapter One

I had a dream yesterday. I was watching Glee. It was the episode of Glee where the kids have to negotiate a jungle full of aggressive wild animals, lions, rhinos, etc., and then Finn is living in a tent in a shopping centre and is involved in an involuntary gay relationship. Not sure who the guy he was sleeping with was; it was a new character, not a very nice one. You could tell he wasn't nice because he'd manipulated Finn into homosexuality against his will, but also he had a really snide way of talking.

Anyway I was watching but got interrupted because a gang was having a meeting in our driveway prior to setting off for a rumble. I tried to get assurances from a gang member that after the rumble they wouldn't come back to our driveway, but he just kept saying "No, no," and gently punching me. So instead I had to ask another gang member, who happened to be a small walking bookcase with a picture of a koala on it. It was a frustrating conversation because obviously the small walking bookcase could not talk; it could only nod. I would have asked one of the other walking bookcases who were with it, but I woke up before I could. Maybe next time.

Ben's Dream Diary - End of Chapter One


huge jerk said...

If only I still had the "Encyclopedia of Dreams", I could interpret it for you.

Failing that, my interpretation is this: Glee represents a thing in your life, that you watch. Probably a program on television, so I'm thinking either masterchef or sponge bob square pants.

The homosexual relationship represents your desire for Gary to make a bath of olive oil, and scrub clean with an adorable starfish.

The gang represents conflicting views on the effectiveness of various household cleaners. The bookcase shows your resolve to put it all behind furniture, and just pretend that the stains were there when you moved in.

How'd I do?

Anonymous said...

a gf of mine had a 'dream encyclopedia'.

it was written in the 19th century based upon the heritage of some of the words

what a crock*.

*probably some kitchen implement in the 19th century

Brizben said...

Go see the movie Inception and you will realise that your whole life is a dream.