Monday, June 21, 2010

Sexy, In His Own Special Way

So anyway a while back I was encouraged to enter a competition. It was a competition I didn't really understand and for which I considered myself horribly unqualified, but the encouragement from dear friends caused me to enter, and it is rather a good one. It is the "Most Mentally Sexy Dad" competition, and what it is, it transpires, is a competition to recognise those fathers who make make themselves sexy through being exemplars of family commitment. Or something like that. Putting in the effort with the wife and kids, basically. So after much prodding and hesitancy, I took some big gulps of air, took a photo of myself with my kids, and wrote a little screed about why I thought I might be Mentally Sexy.

Find that here.

Now, you may or may not find me mentally sexy after seeing/reading that. However, you must admit that someone who is that unsexy physically probably has some redeeming features.

Nevertheless, whatever your opinions on my sexiness of various types, hopefully you do think I'm quite nice, and you're willing to vote for me so I can win something. So click on the five stars - make sure you're filling up the five so I get a five-star vote, boosting my total and my average (this is assuming you WANT me to get a five-star score).

You can also vote for other Mentally Sexy Dads who are competing against me on the site. Particularly "Murph" who seems to be the frontrunner. I'm sure he, and all the others, are lovely fellows. But without in any way wanting to encourage rum do or shenigans of a disreputable nature, my chances of winning the "People's Choice" award will increase the more high scores I get, and the more low scores they do. So, you know, go with your heart.

Of course, the main prize is not voted on by the public, but decided by a panel of judges. So feel free to bribe them discreetly. Ha ha! Just kidding, Mentally Sexy Scrutineers!

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