Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have been saying this for YEARS

Look! Here it is people. From Read carefully and live the rest of your life free from ignorance.

You don't figure out dog years by multiplying the dog's age by seven

And I already knew this, because sometimes dogs live to, like 20, which would mean they were "really" 140. And since no human lives to be 140, and the whole "dog years" formula is supposed to give us a point of comparison between human and dog ages, that would be...


Thank God for Snopes.


alliewonder said...

LOL This is very timely, as just on the news was a daschund that is supposedly the oldest dog in the world, and is 20yrs 8 months. And the newsreader said he is the human age of 145!
Think about it Channel 9!

But what about cats? Do you multiply their age by anything?

Ben Pobjie said...

That snopes post I linked to shows the rough comparison of cat and dog ages to humans - you don't multiply, because they don't go up in parallel.

squib said...

And there I was knitting our dog a shawl, thinking he was 90 when all along he was 3

Paolo Scimone said...

Yeah but it's all BS, Ben. This comparison is arrived at assuming that all life on the planet progresses in age, emotionally, mentally and physically in the same way that we humans do.

Look at the emotional state of most domestic dogs. The innocent happiness that they continuously show in our respects, the simple emotions that they express may easily be a factor leading to their longevity. The times seven theory may actually be more accurate than stated by ANTECH.

Of course, all this could easily be BS as well. I'm thinking that until we learn how to speak "dog" or "cat", it's all really hypothetical.

The comparison of all life on the planet with our own is a little like the "God creating man", or as I prefer to put it "man creating God in his own image" scenario.