Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Return of the Fans

You probably think I'm a bit above readin my fan mail, but you're wrong. I read it all, because I think if someone takes the trouble to write, it's the least I can do. And it's stuff like this that warms my cockles:

On the subject of Port Phillip Council and my love of committing atrocities:

The article on the alleged witch at Port Phillip betrayed the very fabric of this online journal. This woman has been the subject of repeated bullying by The Age. There isnot a week goes by without another bash. The basis is the allegation thatshe claimed to be a witch. She never seriously did make that claimalthough she conceded that she, like many older women with striking greyhair are the butt of this misogynist term. The misleading witch label hasbeen used time and again to justify the recycling of this bullyingnonsense. You are guilty of the same sexist crime. Does it console youthat you are in the same cheap news company as Andrew Bolt? New Matilda is supposed to be lifting the lid on media abuse not joiningthe conga line. This woman was not without her faults. She made mistakes.But she has been hounded out of the country by mainstream media bullies and you are guilty of the same misogynist attrocities.

On my outrageous spreading of scurrilous and untrue rumours:

Does Ben Pobjie have proof that Kerry O'Brien was 'briefly married to
Cheryl Kernot' or is he making it up?

And just so you know tht some people in this world DO have taste:

would you allow me to have one
comment to Ben Bobjie re his magnificent article on the late Senator
. If not possible, please tell him he's a genius IMHO, of course.

NOTE: all of these comments are genuine messages from genuine "humans". Names have not been mentioned in order to protect members of my immediate family.

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