Monday, August 17, 2009

An Awful Realisation

I've been reading newspapers, listening to radio, watching TV, scanning the internet etc., particularly following the climate change "debate", and something has slowly been starting to dawn on me.

You know those people, those climate change denialists? The ones who say it's not really happening, and if it is we didn't cause it, and if we did we can't stop it anyway, and if we can, it's a good thing because it's nice to be warm?

I've just realised...they're really stupid.

I don't mean they're wrong. Anyone can be wrong, even about climate change. Hell, maybe I'm wrong about climate change.

I don't mean they're misinformed.

I don't mean they're misguided.

I don't mean they're ignorant and naive.

I mean they're really dumb.

Because they say things like, "look, it's really cold outside", and "the earth's been cooling since 1998", and "carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant", and "I just read Ian Plimer's book".

It's like climate change is a sort of stupidity litmus test. You dip it into the population, and it comes out idiot-coloured.


Unknown said...

Yes Ben. Yes, oh yes, oh yes!

Ben Pobjie said...

You know what I'm talking about, right? It's not just that you disagree, it's that their statements on the subject are so extravagantly inane...

Unknown said...

Yes - and from Plimer down (or up), that is the frightening thing. I mean the smartest of them are really dumb, and the dumbest of them are, well, really really dumb. Reading any thread, responding to any blog about climate change, and you can feel the intelligence being sucked out of you like air into a vacuum. Depression and despair follow rapidly.I would write about this, but it is hard to even think about it without shooting yourself.